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Stories of business transformation

Pablo Gasalla

“Most sectors are transforming themselves due to technology and data, and the funeral sector is not going to be the exception. Wfuneralnet launches its platform to improve the relationship of funeral agents and insurance companies, with unprecedented added value for the funeral sector.”

Pablo Gasalla  Experts in digital businesses and ecosystems.

Pablo Recalde

“We place our trust in wfuneralnet because it revolutionizes the management of the funeral and funeral insurance companies sector by providing traceability and a global vision, making it also an important tool to reduce costs. ”

Pablo Recalde  CEO of Asistencia Clínica Universidad de Navarra Compañía de seguros y reaseguros S.A. (ACUNSA)

Andres Burzaco

Wfuneralnet is our global funeral operator, giving protection to a collective of over 13 million people in America as well as Europe. It is the ideal partner for us because it provides great efficiencies and information throughout every step of a funeral service. ”

Andres Burzaco  President and founder of the Asociación Necrológica Mexicana

Pedro Trucharte

“I believe the wfuneralnet digital business model will make you a very relevant player due to the innovations it contributes to the market and consumers, its tender algorithm and it innovative traceability management, are two examples of change in a sector which hasn't provided a value contribution for many years.”

Pedro Trucharte  Experts in startups and Business Angels

Miguel Izquierdo

“In Aneiberia we entrust our funeral services and transfers worldwide to Wfn. For us, immediacy, quality perceived by our beneficiaries and customers, as well as the traceability of the entire service, are a priority.”

Miguel Izquierdo  CEO of Aneiberia. Company providing funeral services. Spain-Portugal

Leo Britto

“Pension funds and pension fund beneficiaries demand the best quality funeral care services and repatriations to different countries in Europe. Wfuneralnet guarantees peace of mind in the sensitive management of a death, timely information and excellence.”

Leo Britto  Chief Legal Counsel of A.N. European

Karina Sechi Serboff

“Companies and individuals who entrust us with their funeral services and transfers, know that wfuneralnet demands the highest quality standards from their local suppliers, and this allows us to guarantee the best service at the best price.”

Karina Sechi Serboff  International Transfer Platform Coordinator


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