Sector professionals

We are professionals of different nationalities, with experience in the consulting, assistance, funeral, insurance, ICTs, digital and the international transport coordination world.


We started to build this project in 2012 because the existing atomisation in the funeral transfers and services world was hindering the presence of technology and efficiency.



We coordinate the organisation of funeral transfers and services for persons, in the most sensitive, efficient and professional manner possible anywhere in the world.



We want to be the worldwide benchmark for funeral transfers and services collaborating with the funeral suppliers in each country as well as a partner of funeral homes and a facilitator for companies, businesses, agencies, embassies and families.



Respect, sensitivity, efficiency, sustainability and independence, are our inalienable values. Our revenue is transparent, it comes from four sources: users, members, advertising and internet traffic. We make no payments in order to achieve more transfers or services. We know what sector we work in, and we comply to the legal regulations of each country and the ethical and moral standards worldwide.

Improve your business with our platform for funeral homes and insurance companies

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